Monsoon car driving advice

Monsoons can bring additional challenges to driving. They may cause reduced visibility, heavy, unpredictable rainfall, and roads that are flooded. We take a look at safe driving habits for monsoon season. Lockdown measures may not be available in all states, so it is important to get these issues resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Make sure your car has enough tire treads

The treads of tires are crucial for grip, especially in wet conditions. The treads are channels that disperse water and provide optimal contact between rubber road and rubber. Bald tires and worn tires, which have very few to no grooves, will not displace water. They will slide or surf. Make sure your tread depth is at least 2mm below the minimum. Tread wear indicators are small cross ribs that are set in the main longitudinal grooves of most tires. They can be between 1.5 and 2mm high. It’s time for a new set once the tire surface has been leveled with these ribs. Tires that are worn out are more likely to be punctured and, in certain situations, could burst. It is important to replace tires as soon as possible.

  1. Make sure your brakes are properly working

In all driving conditions, it is essential to have properly functioning brakes. It is especially important in monsoons when vehicles’ stopping distances increase in the rainy season. Safer Drivers Course will help you resolve the problem and issue quickly and teach you safe driving habit.

Keeping your brakes in good condition is a huge plus. You should also dry your brakes after driving through heavy rains and large puddles. 

  1. Wiper blades

When driving in monsoons, you want a clean windshield. You can have blurred vision in the daytime and distracting reflections in your headlights. Make sure you clean your wiper blades. To remove mud sprays or splashes from cars, make sure to top up your wiper washer fluid.

  1. Turning on the lights when necessary

It is better to have your fog lights and headlights on during low visibility conditions. It is best to inspect exterior lights before monsoons arrive. Although some people may be tempted to use their hazard light in such situations, it is best not to do so. If the vehicle is in danger or at risk, then the hazard lights and blinkers should not be used. These lights can be misinterpreted as a car that is slow-moving in the rain.

  1. Maintain distance and speed under control

As we’ve already mentioned, brake distances increase on wet surfaces. It is best to maintain a greater distance from your vehicle in front and to keep your speed under control when it rains. This will give you enough room to break and also gives you a bit more time to react, which can save your life. You will have a better view of what is ahead thanks to the larger potholes.

  1. Escape plan

It pays to be prepared for the worst. If your car’s doors jam, you may be able to access the inner boot release mechanism of many cars through the rear folding seats. You can also break open windows with a car hammer, or your feet if you have the metal sliders on the headrest. Other handy tools include a torch, a torch, and a certified fire extinguisher.

  1. Navigating flood streets

Monsoon rains can vary from very light to very heavy, and they can be unpredictable. There may be times when you need to travel on a waterlogged street. It is important to determine the water depth before you begin. This can be done by looking at other cars that are wading through the water. Wait a while and then observe more.

To prevent water from getting into the exhaust and causing engine damage, you should stick to a lower gear if the car is moving. Do not attempt to start the vehicle if you suspect that water has reached the exhaust.

After you’re done, dry your brakes by gently dabbing your pedal while you move.

  1. It is always best to keep your top-up.

You are more likely to get stuck in traffic jams during monsoon season than you think. You should be prepared to wait in your car for long periods. Before you leave, make sure that your vehicle is fully fueled up. It’s not a good idea to find you stranded due to a lack of fuel. It’s a good idea to have water, snacks, music, a spare power bank or phone charger, plenty of music, a change of clothes, an umbrella, and perhaps even a towel on hand.

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