Peace Of Mind With Secure Fishing Gear

My buddies and I take 2 trips a year to go fly fishing. Sometimes our destinations take us a few days to get to. Obviously that involves a lot of stops. 

It can be nerve wracking to leave the rods unattended. It especially irks me because last year a friend of mine had his fly fishing rod stolen right out of the back of his pickup truck. As anyone who goes fly fishing knows, the gear is not cheap at all. 

With this at the back of my mind, I knew I needed to find a way to secure my rods for our next trip. We stop a lot, whether for bathroom breaks, to eat, or to stay overnight. The bathroom breaks are nothing, and usually when we eat we can find a place to sit to watch our stuff from the window. The overnight stays are what really made me nervous. Even at the places where we were fishing.

My friends and I who usually go on the trip all agreed to do some research on potential solutions, since it was clearly important to each one of us. We would all reconvene in a couple of days with our findings.

Well it was funny, because we all came back with the same information.We had a few that looked good, so we made a list of pros and cons for each one. I think we had 3 different options, so it wasn’t very hard to do. 

We made our list based on specifications and customer reviews. We whittled it down until the last man was standing. The winner was the Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier that we found on the Trouts Fly Fishing website. The decision was unanimous, and since we were all chipping in for it, that was important.

We installed it all together and were ready to rock for our next trip. We got the 4 banger because there were 4 of us, so it only made sense. We were all anticipating the big day, which was only a few days away.

We left for our trip, and had absolutely no worries about anything when leaving the rods out on top of the vehicle. Even when we stopped to eat, if we couldn’t get a seat by the window, we didn’t mind this time. 

We all managed to sleep well in our hotel knowing that our gear was safe. We probably had the most enjoyable trip thus far, just due to having some security. It felt awesome, and I won’t ever look back. The carrier has a lifetime guarantee, so we’re set. 

It’s not the only reason I’d recommend this rod carrier, but it’s the most important reason to me. If anyone stresses about their rods getting stolen I can definitely say that this was a huge game changer for us.

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