WhatsApp: Do you need a Third-Party Archiver?

The WhatsApp archive feature lets users keep their chats temporarily hidden from their primary inbox. Archiving is useful for several purposes, including organizing conversations and preventing distractive notifications. But can this feature prove practical for businesses?

WhatsApp for Business

Instant messaging applications have become increasingly popular for organizations due to their convenience and real-time communication. Among their favorite choices include WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s tractions can be attributed to its security features, which include end-to-end encryption and the new WhatsApp archived chat function.

Archived chats place conversations in an archive temporarily. This allows workers to focus on essential threads and silence unnecessary messages that may impact productivity. Additionally, archiving adds a thin layer of protection by hiding chats containing sensitive information from outsiders, such as when they lend their phones to someone else.

Is the Archived Chat Feature Sufficient for Firms?

While the WhatsApp archived chat function can hide sensitive conversations from prying eyes, it is not enough to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies. Organizations like FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA require businesses to maintain an archive consisting of recorded messages sent to and from the company, something the built-in archive cannot do.

Besides the inability to save permanent records, the WhatsApp archived chat feature cannot quickly capture messages. Chats can easily be deleted; once gone, you can never recover them. This becomes a problem during audits and e-discovery, when courts may ask for copies of your messages during an investigation.

To ensure your business avoids legal repercussions, we recommend partnering with a third-party agency to provide a compliant archiving solution. Instant message archive software records and collects all chats made by your company, saving them in a database no other person could tamper with.

What to Look for in a Third-Party Archive


Archiving solutions must remain compliant with the regulations imposed by governing agencies. One important function is the instant recording of all communications, which then must be stored in a PDF format to prevent tampering. The software should also have backup security for increased protection.

Customer Support

There may be times when the software is difficult to navigate or experiences an issue. Like any other service, the third-party agency must have reliable and quick customer support if you have questions or problems with their product.

Accessible to Authorized Devices

There is no point in keeping an archive if there is no way to access them.

Look for a reliable service provider capable of allowing authorized devices to access your database and examine the recorded messages. That way, you can view your conversations for employee investigations, audits, and e-discoveries.

Why you should Choose LeapXpert

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